The World of Warcraft Warlock is one of the most competent and versatile classes. A warlock’s capacity to cast a plethora of curses upon opponents crippling their ability to strike back, as well as their effectiveness makes the World of Warcraft Warlock a very menacing class to play. Advantages of Playing as a World of Warcraft Warlock: Can get back health promptly using “Siphon Life” or “Drain Life”. Very good choice of character to use in Player Vs Player, with the use of “Fear” spells.Use of pet’s means that the Warlock can be a very adaptable character to play. i.e. with the right pet, a warlock can be used as a tank. Warlocks have access to very powerful DOt (Damage over time) spells. Warlocks can convert their health to mana, and then use spells to drain health back from their enemies.

Warlocks earn a free mount at level forty. Drawbacks of Playing as a World of Warcraft Warlock: Can be difficult to play as a Warlock to its full potential, as once you add the abilities of their pets, there can be a lot of different ways the warlock can be used, and proficiency at using these warlock/pet combos is a must. Warlocks can only wear cloth armour. Warlocks are not strong.  Locations all through the game that offer little known opportunities to gather light’s hope lightbringer gold.

World of Warcraft Warlock playing tips and strategy: When playing as a Warlock, try and concentrate on improving the following stats: Intellect:Increases your mana pool and your critical hit chance with spells. Stamina: Increases your health points – very relevant for defense, as a warlock only has cloth armour. Having a high stamina stat is also important for using the “Life Tap” spell. Use the variety of pets that a warlock can obtain to first damage an enemy, while using DOT spells at the same time. This allows the warlock to apply a consistent stream of damage to their enemies. Make use of “siphon life” or “siphon drain” to restore health quickly , and then convert this health to manaScience Articles, to allow more DOT spells to be cast.