Vinyl was once considered the poor cousin when it came to flooring, with memories of Linoleum on your great grandparents kitchen floor. You would be a fool to think of the latest floors in the same way these days.

Indeed if you didn’t know it already then with a bit of research you will realise that purchasing a luxury vinyl floor can cost more than solid wood flooring, carpet or even marble. For a high quality floor it really can be that expensive to purchase. On top of that, these high quality vinyl floors can cost several hundred pounds or even more to fit for a large floor.Read hereĀ custom flooring.

Unlike fitting a simple, cheap vinyl floor, which you might do with a few cuts from a simple Stanley knife; these high quality floors now require a high level of skill and a very steady hand to fit. Do not let the fitting put you off though, it costs a lot as the end product is worth it and can transform a room.

It can come in the form of luxury tiles, which can be bought in a variety of effects from a wood look, to marble, or even brick effect. At the top end of things you could have sheet vinyl with intricate patterns being hand cut into it. For example, having a compass point star inlayed into the centre of a floor is a good modern example of what can now be achieved with vinyl flooring.

Not only that but it is not even a case of cutting them to the shape of the room. Special adhesives are now used to fix the flooring in place, and the floor you are fitting it to must be 100% level in order for the finished product to look right when installed. Often the preparation and fitting time for a mid-sized floor can run to between 2 to 3 days. So remember to budget for the fitting when making your purchase.

High end vinyl flooring can now be used to replicate the look of just about any other form of flooring from marble to mosaic. This can come in the form of a single vinyl sheet or individual vinyl floor tiles.Luxury vinyl flooring is also now made to be extremely hard wearing and whilst it can be a big investment, it can last for years particularly if regular maintenance is carried out using the manufacturers recommended products. A floor created out of luxury vinyl can become a real centrepiece, adding a touch of luxury and class to any room, and should be considered a worthwhile investment.